Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Cabbage rolls - but not the german version

Each and everyone loves cabbage rolls. In germany the rolls are huge beasts: try to eat two along with potatoes and sauce and you are stuffed. Grandma-cooking, comfy-food.
But we also like the lighter and much more smaller versions. I had a little ground meat (pork) left, which had to be used up quickly and a small young chinese cabbage a little bit larger than my hand (1 1/2 hands).
I decided to make asian style cabbage rolls, steamed and not the german roasted and afterwards simmered in broth version.
"bonsai" cabbage roll and chillisauce

This goes quite easy and smoothly, most of the preparation is cutting only!
200 g pork ground meat
2 smaller green onions, trimmed and chopped finely
6 big outer cabbage leaves, boiled in water or microwaved until just soft, chopped finely, excess water squeezed out
good pinch salt
1 tablespoon soysauce
a few drops roasted sesame oil
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon panko flakes
1 knob ginger, minced
1 garlic glove,minced
1 pinch chinese 5-spice (only a little, the flavour is very dominant)
black pepper, gernerous amount, freshly grounded
1 small egg
1 heaped teaspoon starch
For rolls: More cabbage leaves, intact and flawless, boiled in water until the "middle rib" can be bend easy, instantly cooled down in cold water

For filling: Kneat all ingredients together.  Place 1 cabbage leave, patted dry by paper towel,  and add 1 tablespoon meat/cabbage filling at the top end of the leave. Flap sides of the cabbage leave to the middle over  the meat filling and roll up. Now you know why the middle rib has to be elastic and bend easy. If you don't find young chinese cabbage, only the bigger ones, cut off the thicker parts of the middle rib (triangle shaped cutting) and work with the smaller rib part and leave only. Place the roll , leave end down, on parchment paper in a steamer. Make more rolls until you run out of filling. Place the rolls (think sardines in a can) in the steamer. Close lid and steam the rolls over water about 20 minutes - test with a finger - if roll feels firm it is done. If you may use bamboo steamers you have to fill the rolls in 2-3 baskets. I used a big stainless steal steamer pot. Besides, I made really small rolls (2 bites and gone), bigger rolls may take more steaming time.
Afterwards enjoy the rolls warm or left over rolls cold with a little dipping sauce as sweet chillisauce.

Oh I was waiting for the iPhone 5. My smart phone camera is really bad. But the "s" is not what I was waiting for. I am so disappointed. Sorry, no better pictures for a much longer time.


Sissi hat gesagt…

It looks definitely cuter than the traditional big stuffed cabbage leaves (it's not only German tradition apparently...). Your recipe reminds me I haven't made stuffed cabbage this year yet.

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

I didn't know that the Asian version is steamed...

The Japanese version (called roll kyabetsu ロールキャベツ) is simply simmered.

I'd like to see the big German version!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Sissi & Hiroyuki: The german version will follow soon for sure and yes - I think it is similiar to swiss cabbage rolls. Today the weather switched, it's getting colder now, time for hearty comfy food as huge cabbage rolls and stews (have to use my pickled walnuts in a beef stew too).

Hiroyui: I don't know where ich found the steaming method for cabbage rolls (guess china) but the rolls are different in taste and structure to simmered versions. The cabbage leaves in the simmered versions are too soft and therefore always try to swim away. Leaves and meat will give off some of their juices and flavours to the broth. The result is a nice broth but I think the rolls may loose a little bit.