Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Reduce your carbon dioxide footprint by vegetable housing

If you are in need for a little save and rain proof place and you welcome organic structures over Bauhaus driven designs, why not living in a pumpkin?
This guy will raise you an eco-friendly home in just one summer. Or grow it by yourself: All you need is soil, water, a ton of fertilizer and a pumpkin seed. You have to support a big family? Don't worry - just take more seeds.

Or does someone provide another suggestion on the purpose of growning super sized vegetable?  After all it is a given they don't taste that much.
Who ever has grown summer squash of the kind called "zucchini" experienced it. Someday you will find a giant zucchini hidden under the zucchini leaves. First there was nothing and than there was "that". It will look like a green or yellow zeppelin destined for air transportations only. Don't try do anything culinary with this fellow. It will taste like a bunch of cotton wool. Just show it to your neighbors, they will look at it, laugh and shake their heads: yeah, yeah, happens all the time.... And than throw it away.
Next year I am going to grow some patissons again, very small - if you are quick, delicious and cute looking summer squash. And I will keep an sharp eye on the guys underneath the leaves.

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Sissi hat gesagt…

The pumpkin is amazing! Thank you for the link!