Sonntag, 4. September 2011

Poppy seed-curd cheese-strudel

Yesterday we had a really nice rare hot summer day, this called for a BBQ in the evening - maybe the last one of this year. Today it is rainy again and much colder: So not nice. We planned to visit the newly built moore information centre in our village and have a guided hike through our moores, but no way. I don't like hiking in wellies with water from heavens above and water and mud around my feets.

Instead I decided to bake an autumn dessert: Strudel and have a lazy day at home. There are as many strudel recipes available as there are austrian grannies and I had an austrian descended grandmother too. So strudel is something we had as children very often. My granny used to make her own strudel dough but nowadays there are easier ways. I often simply use yufka dough sheets for börek. This yufka sheets are avaible in turkish grocery stores or in big supermarkets. You can make böreks with many different kinds of content, mostly based on cheese or meat or even fish paste or vegetables. You can use this sheets for strudel too. There is not so much difference.

Ususally you would make this kind of strudel with one big dough plate (size of a tea towel) but I had small triangle shaped yufka sheets at hand because first I thought about having börek with sheep cheese and dried tomatoe filling the next days.  But today I was longing for something warm and sweet and bad for the hips. One look in my fridge and I found a small package of curd cheese and so it was decided:
Curd cheese filling it will be. This kind of strudel is called Millirahm Strudel because it is made from milk products like milk, cream and curd cheese. But plain curd cheese stuffing is somewhat boring. For more flavour I decided on poppy seeds.
just one bite - it is eaten warm!

You need:

8 Yufka-dough sheets (triangle shaped) or something like springroll sheets
80 ml whipping cream
80 ml milk
1 egg
butter for the mold
2 tablespoons sugar

2 larg eggs (yolks only)
100 g sugar
250 g curd cheese (quark, 40% fat)
3 tablespoons currants
2 tablespoons rhum
60 g poppy seeds, grinded

Mix sugar, curd cheese and yolks until very well blended, mix in poppy seeds, add currants (soaked for an hour in rhum) and stir well. Place 2 tablepoons of the curd cream at each round end of the yufka sheet, fold on the right and on the left the long sides of the sheet over the filling (thinking envelope) this will keep the cream from running away and roll the yufka sheet up to its pointed end. Layer the minimized strudels (rolls) in the buttered mold (tips underneath) like sardines in a tin can.  Mix milk, cream egg and 2 tablespoons sugar and spill it over the rolls. You may prepare more of the milk sauce for a "wet" strudel but I like it with the sauce completely soaked up.
Bake at 180 Celsius for 30-40 minutes. When the top is brown and crisp the strudel is done.

done: crisp and brown

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