Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Late summer garden surprises

First I had trouble with my tomatoes. Remember I bought small sized cherry tomatoes and now I got big ones too. The same happend with my chilli plants. I bought 3 jalapenos plants and I got: 2 jalapeno plants (yes!!!) and 1 really big fruited (maybe some sort of bell pepper).
left: 1 common jalapeno - right: what are you???

I also have troubles with my nashis. First the wasps ate the peaches, now they switched to nashi. They do know what is yummy and exotic:

I should have wrapped the nashi in paper bags. Maybe now it is too late.

But there are also nice surprises:

My edible japanese chrysanthemums are flowering and the blossoms are so cute and pretty. Next year I am going to sow much more.

Here are other garden flowers which I like the most (at the moment):

Helianthus (up to 2 m high)

dalia with very big blossoms

physalis alkengi

In my pond: Nymphaea - it is very big, yellow coloured turning fading pink


Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

Sorry about your nashi. According to this site (Japanese only)
"fukuro" (bags) are applied in
20世紀 6月※
豊 水   6月~7月末まで
幸 水  6月~7月上旬まで
June for Nijjuseiki
June to late July for Housui
June to early July
after fruit thinning (摘果).

I've never seen such Japanese edible kiku!

You really have a green thumb!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

I wish I had a green thump. What survives survives and what has no own strength will go down for sure. Thanks for the information about the bags. I will try it next year. I wonder why the wasps dine on the nashis. They are not ripe yet. It will takes 2-3 more weeks, I suppose, and they will become really sweet and juicy.

Sissi hat gesagt…

You have a wonderful garden and even a pond! I will also plant edible chrysanthemum next year (on my balcony though...).
So sorry to see the predators on your pears, maybe there is an organic way to get rid of them even now?
Your pepper surprise is very funny ;-) I hope it will taste good. I have some small Hungarian chilies on my balcony and am still amazed how well they grow in such a small space, especially since I simply took the seeds from the big bag of dried chilies...

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

The big chili happens to be a chile poblano!
Also nice. I wonder how they will taste. Have to cook something mexican the next days.
The easiest chilies to breed are the small slender thai chilies (birdeye chili). Can be found dried as spice nearly everywhere. I did grow a lot with seeds from the dried fruits.
Since this year I have another new chili plant called starfish chili due to the shape of the fruits. Fruits are doing great but have to turn red.