Samstag, 24. September 2011

Homemade sweet chillisauce

What to do, when even hornets feed on your nashis. Today I picked up 5 big nashis which showed major damages due to insect feasts. I found at lot of them: ants, centipedes, ladybugs, wasps, even 2 hornets and earwigs in and on the fruits. Welcome dear guests, my nashi restaurant just opened... but there is no helping. I hate to throw away good fruits so I decided on something for my storage: Hotsauce.
After cutting off the damaged parts I shoveled the fruits into my electric juicer together with 2 small tangy apples. Got 600 ml clear juice (after filtering). Nashi juice doesn't taste that much. Nashis are nice and juicy but they lack intense flavour.  No worries, I just needed a base for a hotsauce. This kind of sauce I use for glazing chickenwings, ducks, turkeys, bbq, or as dipp.

main ingredients: chillies
I took:
600 ml fresh juice
1 big red onion
6 bigger birdeye-chilli
3 jalapenos
1 habanero
125 ml apple cider vinegar
250 g sugar
400 g jam-sugar (with pectin)

Habaneros are pretty little fruits. They look alike innocent yellow micro bellpeppers, but they are loaded with heat. I grow them quite often but don't use them that much.
First I heated 250 g sugar with finely chopped onion and finely chopped chillies (use rubbergloves while preparing the chillies) gently stirring over mild heat. Make sure to stay away from cooking fumes - this is something you usually call tear gas. I let the sugar melt and onions get translucent. Afterwards I deglaced with the vinegar, added the juice and cooked it about 10 minutes. Than I added the jam-sugar and cooked the lot until the liquid got a little sirupy when cooled (just test with a few drops on a cool plate).
I filled the sauce in 2 big slender jars. My first impression after tasting: lips and tongue got instantly numb - yeah, hot enough. But I did not cry, only my nose started running
doesn't look dangerous at all


Sissi hat gesagt…

Have your ears started to ring? This is what happens when I have too hot food (but really hot! it's the stage aftre crying...)
I have never made a home chilli sauce. I only make chilli jellies... Some become really hotter throughout the year they spend in the jar.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

No ringing, only crying and gasping for air (dry hot pot sechzuan style in Beijing - laugh). In fact I do like hot food and I am somewhat used to it. But I am not a chilli otaku: fan of the "hotest hotsauces ever". At least the sauce must be edible. This sauce comes near to a jelly. Do you know hot sweet Thai-Chilli-Sauce? They sell it in asia stores. It was my goal to cook this sauce because we like it very much with chinese dumplings or jap. gyoza or as additional seasoning for stirr-fried noodles, vegetables. I cooked other kinds of bbq hotsauces before such as Mango-Habanero thickened by arrowroot. This sauces was getting hotter too while aging.

Sissi hat gesagt…

I know the Thai Chili Sauce. I once wanted to copy it (it's a bit too sweet for us), but never managed to make the same consistency, so just kept on making my chili jellies ;-)
I like hot food, but not crazy hot. Although sometimes I like an "extra hot"adventure in an Indian restaurant for example. Does the arrowroot thickened sauce preserves well in the jars/bottles? Just like jams? (I have a box of arrowroot but I have never used it).