Samstag, 24. September 2011

Grilled trouts

We still have such a nice late summer weather, sunny, 20C - or as we call it "old hags summer" (there are many cobweb threads in the air, reminding of long grey hair - sometimes germans can be witty too). Last chance to use the outdoor grill for cooking.
I bought two medium sized trouts (perfectly prepared for cooking by the fishmonger) and put them in a plastic bag together with 1.5 l water, a small handful salt and 1 tablespoon spices: pepper, chili, allspice, a few crushed juniper berries, 1 laurel leave. They rested in the brine about 20 hours until transfered into a strainer and quickly rinsed.
Husband went into his McGyver mode and managed to hang them into the wind right under the roof of our porch. There they could enjoy a mild breeze for about 2 hours. He used cable clips...

trout dangling in the wind
He heated the grill (with dome lid) by a few charcoal briquettes and shoveled the charcoal on one side of the grill.  I placed a smoke pack on top of the charcoal (just 3 tablespoons beech saw dust, wrapped in tin foil, package perforated a few times with the help of a fork)  and placed each trout on a layer of oiled tin foil next to the charcoal. We closed the lid and let the trouts grill and smoke about 15-20 minutes. They got only mildly smoked - very nice taste:
trout after grilling
Later on I placed two corn ears (preboiled in salted water for about 15 minutes, seasoned with a little butter and a little thyme, rosemary, majoram, sage, pepper, wrapped in tin foil) over the charcoal.
Meanwhile I prepared hashbrowns, tomatoes with onion and crema di balsamico, sliced daikon in ponzu, grinded horseradish with cream.
my plate - only a few hashbrowns (diet)
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Sissi hat gesagt…

It sounds almost like a spicy trout "no hiraki" ;-) It gives me ideas next time I make aji no hiraki. Adding spices to the brine is an excellent idea!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Yep a little, but it is a common method before smoking fish: saltwater brine and seasoning (every angler has its own) and the drying of the fish before smoking. The fishmeat stays firmer because it has lost some of its natural water content.
There are still no fresh mackerels but frozen only available.