Sonntag, 18. September 2011

Danubian wave / Donauwelle - rescued

Last week I baked a big plate german Donauwelle /danubian waves and a plate apple pie with cream topping for my collegues. My husband was anticipating some left overs but actually there were none. They ate up everything, even the last crumb.
This weekend I promised to bake Donauwelle especially for him. Therefor I switched the cake size from a big baking sheet size to a  very small (18 cm) spring form size.
Donauwelle is a cake made from a rich pound cake batter, chocolate pound cake batter and cherries covered with buttercream and chocolate glazing. You simply make a layer of white batter, followed by dark batter, sprinkle some cooked acid cherries on top and bake it. Afterwards there comes a layer of buttercream and chocolate glaze. Not a single bit healthy and very bad on the hips.
First thing: I forgot to buy cooked acid cherries so I used frozen acid cherries from my garden. Actually I used too much semi-frozen cherries mingled with cherry marmelade for some sweetness and they sank through the dark batter and the white batter on the ground of the baking mold. I must have made some mistake while downsizing the measurements of the ingredients.
nice brown waves but they should be at the upper side

The cherries have to sink a little or you don't get the wave image of the chocolate batter (as to be seen here) but not as much. I saved the cake by turning it upside down and let it cool. Afterwards I placed the buttercream on the cherry-topping (by accident). Not much harm done (and my husband could not tell the difference) but enough I am not going to post the recipe - still tasted great.


Sissi hat gesagt…

Danubian Waves sound so luscious! I must try making this cake one day: I like every single ingredient I saw on wikipedia and the final result is really beautiful!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

I will add a recipe the next days

Sissi hat gesagt…

Great! I would love to make it the day I feel brave and ready for challenging cakes ;-)