Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Cherry plum-Crumble

Lucky, today is the first sunny and warm day since ages and I decided to skip afternoon work. Time for my garden. Some of the cherry plums are ready to be eaten. The good ones are growing at the highest branches in full sun. So I just picked the softest for dessert.

Todays dessert will be an english dish: crumble

I don't really trust english dishes since I lived there for quite a while during school days and I lost every inch of my puppy fat because I hated the english family meals that much (they did really terrible things to vegetables and sauces and meat). I lived in an english family together with a french student. She cried every day over her plate and cursed her fate, her parents and the english (guest) mother. Afterwards we often secretly sneaked out and bought fish and chips until we ran out of pocket money. I heard it changed a bit since than (Jamie Oliver and such). I visited England last year and found some really good "english" restaurants at the seaside but the fully fledged english breakfast at the hotel was as bad as suspected.

But crumbles are great:

500 g cherry plums
2 tablespoons sugar for the plums
1 pinch cinnamon

3 tablespoons butter, soft
3 tablespoons rolled fine oates
3 tablespoons almond flour
1 tablespoon flour
2 tablespoons sugar,  some left for sprinkling
vey small pinch of salt

butter to grease the mold

Quick and easy:
Pit the plums, butter a small gratin mold, fill in the plums, sprinkle with 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar and cinnamon. If you use blue plums or mirabelle plums instead, use less sugar. Cherry plums are very tart, they need much more sugar.
Kneat rolled oats with almond flour, flour, sugar, salt and butter (best to be done by hand). Dough should remind of cookie dough: slightly soft, crumbly but sticking together. If it is too soft and too sticky, just add more almond flour.  If too crumbly and dry, just add more butter.
Crumble dough into big soft crumbles over the plums. Sprinkle with a little sugar.  Bake at 180 Celsius in oven until crumbles are turning golden and the plums are soft and juicy (maybe 25 minutes).
Enjoy warm or cold with wipped cream or vanilla ice cream


Sissi hat gesagt…

Kiki, you crumble looks delicious and I love crumbles (the only cakes I make without measuring the amounts). I think English cuisine has many wonderful traditional recipes, but simply the attitude of the majority of the population and ignorance of their cuisine have been damaging the home food quality for dozens of years... All the English recipes I tried from cookery books proved excellent, it's probably just a tiny minority who ever cooks...

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

True, but there is a difference between books and reality. You will find many people here enjoying cook shows on TV, buying books, buying first class kitchen interieur - but they are not able to cook one decent meal. Just look what they put in their supermarkt trolleys...

Sissi hat gesagt…

You are completely right! The food approach is so different...