Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Wicked summer

We had a short very hot summer in may and june but since a few weeks it is rather cold, rainy, cloudy, windy, nasty. But there are some guys who love this weather. I am facing major problems especially concerning this one:

My cherry plum tree, 5 m tall and heavy loaded.  During hot and dry summertimes some of the fruits just don't make it, but this year I have tons and tons. Usually I would cook jelly and chutneys but there is no way to manage this years harvest. Dont know what to do.
I wish I would have more of these:

Actually I count 16 peaches on the tree - in early spring we had some freezing cold nights and therefor the peach harvest will be rather small.

The only thing making me happy  in this so not summer (as a gardener) is the development of my lilies and greens as Rhododendrons - it is like living in a jungle.


Sissi hat gesagt…

Kiki, you are so lucky! I hope you have found an idea... It's a pity you live so far, otherwise I would happily buy some of your plums :-)
I made last year a delicious Hot Plum Sauce. It's wonderful with Asian dishes and I used very similar plums, but red, so yours would be great too.
Otherwise there is also a Plum and Tamarind Chutney recipe on my blog. I made it with the "blue" oval plums, but I am sure it works with different plums too, the taste might be slightly different. This chutney is perfect with roast pork or chicken.
If you want, I will give you the links.

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

I am also very fond of cooking plum sauce preserves with tamarind and chinese 5-spice. We should exchange the recipes. The plums will be fine soon (3 weeks more to go for some sweetness). I allowed my neighbours to pick as much plums as they want but they are all not so interested in cooking jam. My husband is still fantasizing about brewing his own plum brandy... Everytime we pass the tree it goes "we should seriously think about plum brandy..."

Sissi hat gesagt…

I made a plum vodka last year (with the violet oval plums) and a plum gin, with the same plums. They are not my favourite home-made liquors, but they are good! It takes only a couple of minutes to prepare a plum vodka/brandy, then it somehow "prepares itself", so you shouldn't hesitate.
I would love to see your recipe, mine are here: (Plum and Tamarind Chutney) (Hot plum sauce)