Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Rain and meatballs

Today I found horse mackarel at an asian supermarket. The owners are chinese from Kanton region and they are specialized on chinese food. But they also provide some japanese products and lots of frozen seafood. The makarels were small and incredible cheap. One of my underlings said: these fishes must have been found near some well known nuclear ex-power plant (because they were so cheap..).I told him, I would not care as long as they are not going to glow in the dark.

Any how the weather was nice and sunny and so I promised my husband to grill the makarels for lunch in the evening (hurry up home...).  Preparations were nearly done, as a huge thunderstorm with heavy rain occured out of the blue. Have a good look at my patio and you know why I skipped grilling mackarels this evening.

outright flooded...

I got other things to do, save the basement for example: the water came rushing in.

After this unaspected event had taken place I decided to cook something quick and easy: Meatballs in onion sauce. Hiroyuki san posted a recipe a few days ago. So I had to give it a try. You may find the recipe at Hiroyuki's blog

Tsukune Nanban Zuke/つくねの南蛮漬け

I took one pound ground meat (beef/pork 50:50 mix) added 2 tablespoons of panko-flakes and therefor skipped the starch. I also added a little bit harissa (arabian chilipaste) because we like spicy meatballs (otherwise I followed the recipe). The onions were tiny because fresh and young. They just started to build their yellow-brown peel. I decided to use a mandoline to slice them. So the slices were rather small. But they tasted wonderful.

In addition to the meat part of the meal I made a daikon-cucumber-salad with citrus dressing  (just soysauce, lemon juice, mirin- presalted and afterwards soaked the slices in water before) and spinach with sesame seeds (take blanched spinach, squeeze of the water, and mix the dry leaves with a little soysauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds). We had rice for me and soba for my husband too.

Thanks to Hiroyuki we had a very tasty dish.


Sissi hat gesagt…

Hiroyuki is very inspiring, isn't he? There must be something similar in the Swiss and German air because yesterday I made nanban zuke with fish fillets ;-) A pure delight too! I will be making meatballs soon and I think everything would taste great in nanban zuke marinade.
Mackerels are always among the cheapest fish her in Switzerland and horse mackerels too! They cost sometimes 3 x less than the farmed salmon I am not fond of anyway... It's so rare when good things are cheap!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Hiroyukis recipes are very inspiring :-) Fish in nanban zuke reminds me of roasted herring in vinegar marinade (Brathering sauer eingelegt). Sure it will taste very good. I appreciate everything sour-salty-sweet-umami very much. It's addicting. Next thing (japanese) I am going to test are homemade fishflakes.

Hiroyuki hat gesagt…

That's strange... I didn't notice your posts about nanbanzuke, onigiri, and small mackerel posts when I visited your blog to read your bibimbap post...
I'm glad that you liked your nanbanzuke!