Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Grüne Walnüsse in Sirup / pickled green walnuts Part II

Pickling walnuts is a longterm project. You need a few weeks for the preparations. First you have to put them about a fortnight into a salt water brine, changing the brine once after one week.

After two weeks the walnuts turned pale in colour. They smelled like capers or green olives.

Walnuts after a fortnight

Now you have to dry them. I put the walnuts on a tray layered with kitchen paper and stored the tray in a dry and warm room in the attic.

After 3 days the walnuts shrunk a bit and turned pitch black:
Black walnuts ready for boiling

Not very tempting mummies...ready for the next step.

750 ml vinegar (balsamic white wine vinegar)
700 g sugar (600 g white sugar, 100 g molasses sugar)
1 tablespoon allspice corns
1 tablespoon black pepper corns
1 teaspoon sechzuan pepper corns
1 cubeb (african pepper)
1 big cinnamon stick
2 big laurel leaves

Bring to boil, add nuts, simmer 10 minutes on low temperature. Let sit over night. Bring to boil again. Spoon nuts in clean glass jars, fill in the hot sirup. Close the lids and store at least 6 weaks before eating your first pickled walnut.

I tested one nut right after the first boiling. I hope they will mature to something better during the next 6 weeks or they will end in the bin (also it looked alike the store bought).

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Sissi hat gesagt…

Your walnut experience is fascinating. I hope they will "mature" in the jars into something more palatable. I sometimes make very bad experiments with preserves, but the following year sometimes a slight change makes them 100xbetter (although I have never pickled walnuts I admit). Good luck!