Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

Green Plum Brandy

I read about Umeshu in japanese blogs. Interesting, but Ume are not available in Germany. Ume are some sort of apricots (Umeshu is made from unripe ume plums and rice brandy). I do know how green (unripe) apricots taste like and it is no way different from what my still a little unripe cherry plums actually taste.
So I decided to give it a try: Making Plum brandy from cherry plums.
All you need is:

A wide mouthed big jar with airtight lid (I used a beer jar for 3.5 l beer, available at small artisan breweries. You can buy their beer in this kind of jars, if you return the jar you get money back or get a refill)

600 g plums - cleaned in hot water, stems removed
400 g rocksugar
900 ml Vodka (high octane: 40%)
1 bamboo skrewer

Ingredients for plum brandy

Pick the plums with the bamboo skrewer a few times. Place a first layer of plums in the jar, add a small of rocksugar, keep on going with a next layer of plums and sugar and repeat until they are used up. At least cover with vodka. Close lid and keep the jar in the basement. After 6 month we will see.
Some say you should fill the jar only halfway. I filled it up to 3/4. There is no way the plums will produce more than 500 ml juice. Even with the amount of sugar and vodka it is not enough to blast open the jar.

This was no help to reduce the amount of plums on my tree. We contacted a local distillery. You can deliver fruits and afterwards buy back the brandy. But you have to deliver 150 kg fruits without seeds/core. I don't think we have more than 60 kg plums and hell I am not going to pit this amount. Husband will contact the zoo. They are always happy about a free delivery of organic grown fruits (apples) for the animals but I don't think they will take plums. Next year I am going to cut down the tree to a more manageable size for sure. Everbody in our village loves the view of this tree in early spring. It looks fanstastic while blossoming (there is a little girl in the neighbourhood always making her own plum blossom viewing. They have trouble to get her going on her way to kindergarten). But the tree is way to big and produces too many fruits afterwards.

Update 23.10.2011:

Just checked the jar. The rock sugar has desolved. The flavour matured already nicely: very fruity (plum) with a little sour zing. The colour of the liquid has turned to pale yellow/green.
2 more month to go.

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Sissi hat gesagt…

Good luck with your plum brandy! I am wondering what it will taste like!
I hope they will take your fruits in the zoo! (have you tried making jam without sugar? I do this very often and it seriously reduces the amount of fruit... You have to cook it on a very slow heat for 2 hour for at least 3 days... with very ripe fruit, the result is stunning).