Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Talking about tea

Last year I bought a japanese Hydrangea serrate oamacha (Buddha flower). I read: Tea from the leaves shall keep away ghosts, it works as a charm. Dried and afterwards fermented leaves, cooked in water, can be used as substitute for sugar. The infusion is a natural sweetener and delicious. That made me curious. So I ordered one.

The plant has grown tremendously. Starting from a single very small (10 cm) branch it has already become a nice little bush. Seems it likes my gardening. I will dry some leaves, spray them with water, roll the wet leaves and let them ferment (wrapped in cling film) for 24 hours at room temperature.

One thing makes me a little bit nervous: This year someone (brats) climbed in many gardens in our community and stole lots of hydrangea shoots. They simply chopped the branches and ruined this years blossoms, many gardeners weep hot tears (not me, they did'tn find my plants behind the walls) and there was a big uproar. Police warned not to smoke the dried shoot because of its content of cyanide?! If there will be no further posts I did'nt survive the infusion trial. As for the brats: no casualties known so long.

For brats maybe more interesting - quick garden stroll:

My strawberries - very sweet!

My white currants
My cherries

to keep away strangers: my blackberries (still blossoming) near the Kiwi



Sissi hat gesagt…

What a wonderful blog! I am so happy I have found you on the web. And I am glad it's bilingual (congratulations! I never had the courage to do this and believe me I hesitated hundred times).
The Buddha looks very seducing and you garden is beautiful. It's so awful when people ruin others' gardens... I hope your blackberry thorns will scare everyone away. I am going to take a longer walk through your other posts. See you soon!

Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

Sissi wa arigatou ne. It's not my first blog but the first bilingual and it is a pain :-) But I will continue whenever I find some spare time.