Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Kochen für Chinesen - cooking for chinese people (update)

Not all chinese people do appreciate our bread (with sausage, ham, cheese and butter) culture. Our guest (a young chinese relative) is one of this kind.
So I got into some difficulties. What to cook for breakfast (and dinner). Chinese eat hot meals all over the day, starting early in the morning. And I don't want to hear some complaints from his mother: You let this poor and precious boy starving to death.

This worked out great so long:
  • Japanese Omurice (precooked short grain rice roasted in the pan mixed with peas, carrots dices, mushrooms, red bellbetter dices, green onions and shrimps spiced up with some soysauce, mirin, dashi, ketchup - served covered with an omeletet and ketchup)
  • Hash browns with mushrooms and grilled cherry tomatoes (german "Bratkartoffeln" with  bacon and onions)
  • Yakisoba (Japanese noodles with cabbage, green onions, lean porc strips, pimped up with ginger, Soysauce Worcestersauce, Mirin)

As for dinner:
  • Jambalaya (US american cajun kitchen, chicken, bacon, shrimps, mixed with onions, bellpepper, okras, mushrooms in dark roux, lots of chili, thyme and tarragon - made in one pot)
  • spaghetti bolognese
Jambalaya before adding the rice / Jamabalaya noch ohne Reis

I wonder what to cook next... Sauerkraut and bratwurst maybe :-)

Was kochen für Chinese. Nicht alle mögen unsere Brot- und Aufschnitt-Kultur.
Das kam gut an:
  • Japanese Omurice (Rundkornreis mit Erbsen, Möhren, Pilze, Paprika, grüne Zwiebeln Shrimps gewürzt mit Sojasauce, Mirin, Dashi, Ketchup)
  • Hash browns with mushrooms and grilled cherry tomatoes (Bratkartoffeln mit Speck, Pilzen und gebratenen Cherrytomten)
  • Yakisoba (Japanische gebratene Nudeln mit Weißkohl, Lauchzwiebeln, Schweinelendenstreifen, gewürzt mit Ingwer, Worcestersauce, Sojasauce, Mirin)
  • Jambalaya (US- amerikanische Cajunküche aus einem Topf: Hühnchen, Speck, Shrimps mit Zwiebeln, Paprika, Okras in dunkler schrfer Roux gewürzt mit viel Chili, süßem Paprika, Estragon, Thymian)
  • Spagetti bolognese
Was als nächstes kochen? Keine Ahnung - Sauerkraut und Bratwurst vielleicht :-)

Todays breakfast was omurice again - he ordered it. It his is favorite and he enjoyed it very much! What works for japanese children works for young chinese too!

Das heutige Frühstück war Omurice - auf seinen Wunsch hin. Er mag das am liebsten und findet es total lecker.  Was bei japanischen Kindern essenstechnisch klappt, klappt auch mit jungen Chinesen.

The next days we will travel around and he will has to live on continental breakfast buffets.
Die nächsten Tage werden wir etwas durch die Lande ziehen und er wird sich mit Frühstücksbüffets arrangieren müssen.


    Sissi hat gesagt…

    Your post made me laugh! Breakfasts can be a real problem. My family-in-law has only sweets for breakfast (jam or honey on bread, croissants...) and my organism simply refuses it. It must be savoury. I am then the only one to eat ham and eggs (or lately rather miso soup, I bring the ingredients from home).
    I remember once talking to a Chinese-American friend, who loved typical American breakfast and was too shy to tell her Korean parents-in-law she hated rice and grilled fish in the morning (they assume she lvoes it because of her Chinese origins). We both agreed we would love to swap our family visits for once ;-)

    Fräulein Trude hat gesagt…

    Yeah, true. I simply asked him what he would like to eat and he sometimes eat a sweet bun or croissant too. But he loves my omurice.
    Got also addicted to sweet buns with my home made quince jelly. I will give him a glas to take with him home.

    Sissi hat gesagt…

    I also make quince jelly, but for my family, not me. I am not very fond of sweet jams, jellies etc., but I love making preserves of all kind, so the spicy, savoury ones are for all, including me, and the sweet ones for my family (I do them for fun and it's a pleasure to offer them the things they love).