Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Hoijcha - roasted green tea

I learned about roasted green tea at Hiroyuki's blog. On last years Beijing journey I was showered with quite a lot (too much) green tea presents by my chinese relatives so I just had to give it a try.
Hojicha is roasted in a pocelain pot over charcoal fire, I roasted the green tea leaves on my induction stove by highest temperature in a ceramic coated and very clean pan: Always stirring and turning with a bamboo paddle to prevent burning and keep the roasting process smoothly ongoing for all leaves.

After quite a few minutes the leaves turned into a darker and darker shade of reddish brown while a strong fragance escaped and the leaves were steaming. The smell was quite nice but a little stingy.

After the leaves showed a sufficient colouring - compared with pictures I found in the net - I filled them in a porcelain plate to stop the heating.

Tea on a plate: Before on the left side and after roasting on the right side.

The whole lot roasted!

Afterwards I cooked a small pot of tea. I don't know if the colour is deep enough but it tasted quite good with a rather green tea greenish but little malt and a little smoke flavour. The colour of the tea was light brownish/red.

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